A new dawn is always a noon that gives reason for skepcism, awe or a rather beguiling reflecon. For children who grew up especially in the former Brish colonies, Humpty Dumpty is part of the vocabulary. Fast forward to having come to significant cognizance, the very ‘lyrics’ to this nursery rhyme defines our world, a round world that has tumbled and fallen off its wall, knocked down by some evident and perhaps not so evident forces. One can only but reflect on these issues perpetrated by the flawed nature of humankind that constantly seeks personal graficaon and yet in dire search for true happiness and contentment despite the chaos. Gray and Gray Gallery is pleased to present in its maiden show, a selected group of arsts who look at the noon of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in a seemingly ‘successful’ world, spellbound by atrocies that defy common sense. This idea is invesgated in context and concept, and in some cases metaphorically, looking beyond just the obvious, with each arst presenng works from their own interpretaon of a failing world to depict hope, and or failure


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