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The artist Thea Webel was graciously invited by the artists in residency to showcase her work at the Geschwisterraum in November 2023. Her exhibition titled „SCHICHT TON SCHNITT“ explores the intersection of geological processes and societal dynamics.

Through the meticulous and repetitive folding of paper in her works, Webel captures the essence of time inherent in geological transformations. These intricate folds, though on a small scale, evoke the grandeur of natural formations, illustrating the profound impact of seemingly minor actions.

Central to the exhibition is a striking installation positioned at the heart of the space, featuring reed and pallets. This focal point symbolises the intricate relationship between nature, its products, and the commodification thereof, with a poignant nod to the exploitation of soil resources.

In addition to the physical artworks, a series of diverse prints delve into themes of weathering and soil structures, prompting contemplation on the ever-changing nature of our environment. Complementing these pieces are five evocative photographs, bridging the gap between the internal space of the exhibition and the external realities of nature and societal inequalities.